James Duigan Reveals Health Tips and Best Fitness Apps

elle macpherson

James Duigan is best known for sculpting Elle Macpherson’s perfect bod. Recently, he’s shared his secrets with Vogue for wellness and a healthy lifestyle, also pinpointing the best fitness apps on the market.

Duigan thinks about the stress of modern working environments. Through this understanding, he’s created solutions like Clean & Lean and Bodyism, a diet and fitness regimen used by Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities. Who wouldn’t want that spectacular body?

The celeb trainer tells Vogue: “Clean & Lean means you make mindful eating, exercise and lifestyle decisions for the long term. It moves away from emotionally unsustainable short-term diets with a system that is effective, fun and great for our planet.”

James Duigan’s favorite apps include Pocket Yoga, Deepak Chopra’s Heart Meditation, Green Kitchen, and, Clean Eating Recipes.

Photo courtesy of Fanpop

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