Invisalign Introduces New Five-Stage System


With all of the advances in modern day technology, it should be of no surprise that people now have a wire and bracket-less alternative to straightening crooked teeth. Enter Invisalign, a concealed method that consists of a series of virtually invisible and removable aligners that gradually alter the position of teeth over time.

This highly sought-after orthodontic product has revolutionized the way people view dental correction, and perhaps that is why the Invisalign company recently announced the consumer availability of a new affordable, five-stage treatment for straightening teeth, using only nearly invisible aligners. This at-home treatment was designed for people with minor orthodontic issues such as very mild crowding or spacing.

Minor crowding or spacing of the teeth is a common problem for many people, however treatment is seldom solicited mainly because patients find it troublesome and expensive. With this new five-stage option from Invisalign, patients are presented with an effective and affordable method to correcting minor dental issues in less than three months. Stop making excuses today and enjoy a brighter smile with this Invisalign system. Check out the Haute MD Rolodex to find a smile specialist near you.

Image: Invisalign The legendary fruit slicing game is at it again