Innovative Study Assesses Lifestyle Effects of Liposuction

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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) recently reported on an innovative study that evaluated the effects fat reduction had on a patient’s quality of life. The results were more than positive: a significant improvement to self-esteem and quality of life as a result of treatments was discovered.

Tummy tucks – or abdominoplasty – had particularly good results, though procedures of this kind are associated with longer recovery times and higher pain scores than the less invasive liposuction procedures.

Across the study, regardless of the type of surgery done, 86% reported improved self-esteem levels, while 70% reported improved quality of life. Self-esteem increases were more closely tied to those who underwent abdominoplasty surgery, while those who opted for liposuction surgery were more likely to report increases to their general quality of life.

The study included 360 patients who rated their quality of life, self-esteem and other personal responses to surgery. Of those surveyed, 60% had only liposuction done, while 35% had a combination of liposuction and abdominoplasty and 5% of the study group underwent only abdominoplasty. On average, patients were 42 years of age and 85% of them were women. Of these patients, 30% of them had other cosmetic procedures done, such as facelifts or breast augmentations. Outcomes of the surgery were assessed four months after surgery.

Studies like these are interesting in that they explain why mass amounts of people go under cosmetic surgery in the US every year.

Source: ASPS

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