Impact of Exercise on Hair and Skin


Most people understand the connection between a fit body and exercise. The more time you log on the treadmill, the stronger your muscles will be. Yet many do not understand how staying active can impact beauty. Bella Sugar put together a 5 question quiz to test readers’ knowledge covering topics from how exercise impacts bacne, your complexion, cellulite, hair growth, and busted some common exercise myths along the way. Most people who took the quiz received a score of 60%.

In the benefits of exercise, it found that a regular workout regimen can increase blood flow to the scalp and, in turn, hair follicles which can help your hair to grow faster and become more healthy. Additionally, while it cannot completely erase cellulite, weight training can vastly reduce its appearance. Exercise can help to eliminate toxins from your body through sweat, contribute to a more youthful appearance by developing muscle tone, and stay hydrated through the oils produced during exercise. However, there are several things that exercise cannot do. It does not naturally exfoliate skin, whiten teeth, or slow the growth of underarm hair. While it can improve the appearance of skin, Bella Sugar’s quiz found that exercise can increase the body acne that you experience, and recommends that you wear moisture wicking clothing, cleanse skin before and after working out, and shower right after exercise to minimize this negative effect.

Source courtesy of Bella Sugar. Image courtesy of Live Strong.

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