Hydro-Spinning is a 2014 Haute Fitness Trend

aqua bike

Like many of the latest fashions, France has provided us with the latest trend in cellulite-blasting fitness. Hydro-spinning is being celebrated as a fast-growing solution to cellulite and a way to experience pressure therapy and lymphatic drainage for legs without any damaging effects on joints or risk of injury.

This past April, New York City saw its first look at hydro-spinning with Aqua Studio, and the cycling trend has not shown any sign of slowing down. Now, New York City is filled with hydro-spinning studios, teaching clients the technique that has been popular all over France since 2011.

All over Europe there are gyms that offer hydro-spinning, as well as exclusive studios. Some of these aqua cabins even shoot legs with water while cycling, which allegedly increases the cellulite resistance. The largest hydro-spinning franchise in France is Alain Lellouche’s Waterbike, which has over 80 French spas and gyms allowing users to cycle in private aqua cabins. HydroFit is the UK’s version, with locations popping up all over London.

Hydro-spinning enthusiasts or beginners can look forward to constant innovations in the field, with France producing new models of bikes and new techniques every year.

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Photo courtesy of: swimcornerstone.com