HydraSolve Lipoplasty System Launched at ASAPS Meeting


Andrew Technologies, a company that works with cosmetic surgery tools and enhancers, launched the HydraSolve Lipoplasty System at the recent American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery meeting. The meeting, which took place in Vancouver, is a gathering of the brightest minds in the plastic surgery business in North America.

The HydraSolve Lipoplasty system is FDA-cleared and is based off of Tissue Liquefaction Technology developed by Alcon. By combining saline solution with low temperature and pressure, it is possible to liquefy tissues specifically targeted.  Unlike other suction-based systems, HydraSolve avoids damaging blood vessels, nerves, or connective tissue by controlling where the energized saline streams. This allows surgeons to significantly lower the risks associated with this form of plastic surgery.

Since its FDA clearance in 2010, Andrew Technologies has been working on clinical development of the HydroSolve device with leading surgeons to show its effectiveness in a batch of over fifty patient cases. By lowering the amount of blood loss suffered and minimalizing the risks associated with this form of fat extraction, patients have a lower recovery time. The appearance of bruising is also significantly decreased due to this method.

Source: Andrew Technologies, LLC