How To Become A Member

Join the Fastest Growing Medical Network for the Best of the Best.

Haute MD is a prestigious medical membership circle available exclusively for the most trusted doctors and surgeons that are at the pinnacle of their profession. Haute MD is invitation-only and our strictly enforced standards of admission set the network apart from other forms of advertising that may be purchased by just anyone. The Haute MD Network is extremely specialized, with admission for only one representative per market.

If you are a leading medical professional and have an interest in exploring Haute MD membership, please submit answers to the following questions to . Once this information is obtained, it will be reviewed and compared against a set of specific recruiting criteria designed to determine your eligibility for membership. We will respond to let you know if an opportunity exists and if so, what the next step would be.


Full company name:
What are your areas of specialization?
From which institution did you obtain your Medical Degree?
Years Practicing:


Thank you for your interest in Haute MD Network. for the Sales Media Kit

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