How Qualified is your Plastic Surgeon?


We live in a society that presumes certain things when it comes to doctors. We ask questions, we look at reviews and we talk about their histories, but rarely do we question their board certification. Many times, patients just assume the government takes care of all that and they wouldn’t be able to practice without it.

What has become somewhat unknown information is that there are very few regulations for plastic surgeons. There are no laws that require doctors to practice only within their specialized fields, leaving the door wide open for an ear doctor to, say, perform a breast augmentation.

Additionally, plastic and cosmetic surgeons may overlap in some practices, but the two are different. A plastic surgeon is required to have five to seven years of hospital residency, while a cosmetic surgeon can receive accreditation with nothing more than a weekend course.

Protect yourself by asking the right questions. Does your surgeon have hospital privileges? Is their operating room certified? If you are looking at a cosmetic surgeon, how long has he or she been certified, and by who? Taking precautions and doing your homework before going under the knife for even the simplest of surgeries will ensure the best possible outcome, and could even save you from years of reconstructive surgery to fix the work of an under qualified surgeon.

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