How Alcohol Can Derail Your Diet Plan


Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak shared the secrets to how alcohol can derail your diet, and it’s not just the empty calories. First, when you consume alcohol, your body slows its burning of fat cells for energy to a rate of 73% less that normal. Instead, it consumes acetate, the compound that alcohol breaks down into, leaving the fat cells on your middle. Next, alcohol loosens up your inhibitions most importantly toward food. It dulls our instinct to stop eating or drinking when we would have normally hit our full point. This leads people to overindulge, and typically in all of the wrong things. After a couple drinks you are much more likely to give into that happy hour nacho special than to order a salad.

In addition, alcohol and the mixers making up many drinks are calorie bombs with no nutritional value. One margarita can tack on as much as 740 calories to your daily totals without any benefit for diet. Furthermore, it damages your body’s ability to process the nutrients you do take in, creating a double whammy of consuming calories with no vitamins, and blocking their absorption from food. The nutritious foods you may have eaten in preparation for your glass of wine may lose some of their value. Finally, alcohol disrupts sleep patterns, while logging a good night’s sleep has proved crucial to weight loss. While it is a common misconception that it helps you sleep, it actually disrupts REM cycles, and makes it more difficult to stay asleep longer. Enjoy one glass of wine with dinner as a treat, but skip the temptation to have three or four beers afterwards for dessert.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of US News.