High-Protein, Low-Fat Diet May Increase Weight Loss


A group of researchers from the University of South Australia analyzed data from 24 past studies, and found that when all other features of a low-fat, reduced calorie diet were equal, people who ate a diet high in protein lost more weight. The high protein groups consumed around 85 grams of protein per day for a 150 pound person, while the low protein group consumed around 49 grams of protein. The protein came from both vegetable sources, like beans and legumes, and animal sources. While researchers were cautiously optimistic about the findings, they indicate that further research is necessary to confirm the findings in a larger group over a longer period of time.

However, they had several theories about why a eating meals and snacks that are higher in protein could lead to weight loss. First, when eating more protein than carbohydrates, the body may need to expend more energy to digest the protein. Others speculate that protein helps to maintain muscle in the body, which burns more calories even while at rest than non-muscle tissue. While further studies are required, preliminary evidence shows that for people hoping to lose weight, eating a diet higher in protein than carbohydrates may provide the results they seek.

Content courtesy of Reuters. Image Source

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