Heidi Montag Talks Double-Digit Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Heidi Montag says she regrets plastic surgery.

Heidi Montag, the actress who found fame for undergoing ten cosmetic surgery procedures in one day, says she now regrets the work she had performed.

Montag says that liposuction as part of a body sculpting procedure is her biggest regret today, and she feels that the procedure contributed to cellulite that has formed on her legs since the surgery.

She also discredits the popular belief that plastic surgery has the power to eliminate insecurities; she says that she’s not as confident in her body as she once was. “I’m so insecure about my legs, I rarely wear shorts,” the 25-year-old told In Touch.

After taking cosmetic surgery to the extreme, Montag advises those interested in altering their bodies to fully consider the benefits and setbacks. It is always vital to consult a qualified surgeon before undergoing any procedure.

Source: In Touch

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