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I just moved to my new apartment and it’s the perfect time to get new goodies for my newly-paleo lifestyle. I am absolutely loving the way I feel on this challenge! I feel energetic, light, and am getting faster on my runs. I also feel like my muscles are less inflamed after my long runs, as it looks like I am recovering quicker by eliminating grains and legumes from my diet.

Here are some of the products I am excited about. These new and exciting discoveries not only make it easier to keep my new diet fresh, but also add nice variety to my meals.



I absolutely love these crackers I got from Whole Foods today. Grain and gluten free, these tasty treats fit in well in the paleo diet. It was perfect with the delicious avocado spinach dip I made this evening. I am excited about enjoying them more often. Get the rosemary flavor Flackers here(so far it is my favorite flavor).









I just ordered this Spiral Vegetable Slicer. I am looking forward to making yummy vegetable “vermicelli”. Use the slicer to cut up zucchini, eggplants, or even carrots in spirals and then simply saute the strips in olive or coconut oil for just a couple of minutes until soft. Add your favorite pasta sauce, chicken, seafood, or even some grass-fed beef for a tasty, quick and simple meal.




I can’t wait to make kale chips with my newly purchased Food Dehydrator! By dehydrating the foods slowly, this useful device keeps valuable nutrients in the vegetables, fruit, and other goods you decide to dehydrate instead of killing them with heat. Simply add some olive oil, lemon, salt, sesame seeds and garlic powder for a non-complicated recipe.






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