Haute MD Dr. Rian A. Maercks Restores Natural Beauty with Fat Grafting


Using fat and stem cells, our and Miami Beach notable does an amazing job of restoring the naturally beautiful convexities and concavities of the human face.

Stem cell and fat graft transplantations are similar to soft tissue amplification using dermal filler, except the process uses your own fatty tissue to restore facial volume and correct wrinkles and folds. It is considerably different in that this procedure also restores and rejuvenates the outer look of the skin thanks to normal stem cells and growth factors.

Fat grafting is ideal for deep volume enhancement in the tissue. It’s not typically recommended for treating fine lines. If you are showing signs of hollowness, deep skin folds or if you have depressed scars, fat grafting would be the ideal procedure.

offers various techniques to promote the success of the fat grafting and in the end it can be considered more cost effective by delaying the need for more complex surgeries. The fat grafting procedure basically involves three major steps: fat removal by liposuction, preparation of the fat and insertion. The fat and stem cells cause new tiny blood vessels to form supporting the fat graft take, which can be an everlasting result.

Minimum care is required for the incisions, and stitches are not typically needed. Patients may experience bruising, some swelling and possibly a temporary change in the feel of skin for a few weeks after fat grafting. Once these effects settle, patients will be able to appreciate the results. Plastic surgeons often advise patients to wait a few weeks to assess the final outcome after fat grafting. If you have already downloaded the apps we mentioned www.celltrackingapps.com/how-to-catch-your-husband-cheating-on-his-iphone above, please let us know which apps you’d like most