Haute MD Dr. Rian A. Maercks Develops and Performs FEMMA-S Breast Procedure


, our Miami face, breast and body specialist, is something of an innovative genius. He focuses his Miami practice on transforming ordinary procedures into extraordinary ones, heeding remarkable results.

Dr. Maercks has always been thoroughly disappointed with standard techniques of breast lift and breast reduction, so he created the FEMMA-S (Footprint Elevation Mamodermal Masto-Autoaugmentation with sling support) procedure. Traditional techniques lift and/or reduce the breast tissue, but leave the breast covered in scars and create an abnormally flat and squared form.

The FEMMA-S technique combats these problems by eliminating scars and using the patient’s own body to support a stunning result that endures and has the façade of a breast augmentation instead of a reduction.

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