Haute MD Dr. Babak Azizzadeh Talks About Ehtnicity and Rhinoplasty


Ethnic patients frequently seek consultation from , Haute MD’s go-to nose surgeon in LA, because of his experience and ethics when it comes to rhinoplasty and preserving one’s natural, ethnic appearance.

“The length of time that a person has lived in the United States and the level of his or her assimilation need to be discussed during the consultation. Different cultures dictate unique aesthetic expectations, so it is important not to box patients into a generic ethnic rhinoplasty category,” explained Dr. Azizzadeh.

Dr. Azizzadeh encourages patients to seek out those doctors who have worked with people with the patient’s same background, as the more experienced they are with a certain look, the better they will be able to preserve the person’s ethnic identity. He also says that each ethnicity makes for astronomical differences; thickness of the skin and fatty content can vary by culture.

Dr. Azizzadeh takes the same care and time with each ethnic patient, but in no way does he treat them as one.

“There are tremendous facial anatomy differences among ethnic groups, and within each group there is still significant variation from patient to patient,” he said.
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