Haute Living Staffers Hit Base Gym

Basegymmiami Sara climbs Jacob’s latter while Hadley pulls the rope, then switch!

Base Gym is a new state-of-the-art private training on South Beach. Situated on 23rd Street above Villa Azure, the location is definitely haute, as is the rooftop workout space outfitted with cushy, shock-absorbing flooring that feels Zen right up until the trainer asks for another set. The gym is owned by Warren Tricomi owner Evan Kaye, and he hopes to provide the same high-quality experience for the same exclusive clientele. Haute Living Editor Hadley Henriette and Associate Publisher Sarah Mirmelli are getting ready to embark on a semi-private training series with Base trainer Chad Ingram to see just how much of a difference an hour can make.

Chad’s Notes:

My first impressions are that you both need to be a bit stronger. Hopefully, we will be able to transfer what seems like strong wills into strong bodies. The art in group training is to apply the proper science across different bodies and different goals. Hadley is looking to “grow muscle” and Sarah is looking to “burn fat and tighten up.” Teaching each one what your repetition range is what will help them make their goal faster by becoming more present and aware in their bodies. I will teach basis movements and set performance goals and in 30 days we will check back in with the test garment or photo.

What I recommend for food: eating meat, fish, eggs, veggies, fruits and nuts, not just for them, but everyone. It’s a Paleo style of eating. And if you cheat, make sure your next meal is as strict as possible. While we’re on a training program, don’t count calories and avoid the scale. Eating fat doesn’t make you fat! Try and be as strict as possible for 30 days. Don’t forget to sleep well too.

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