Haute Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Kevin B. Sands offers Special Sedation Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentist

Haute cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin B. Sands, dentist to the stars, knows that anxiety over dental work can cause people to neglect their dental health and come up with excuses to ignore their dental appointments. This anxiety, along with various phobias of dental treatments, is a serious issue that many suffer from. Dr. Sands actively works to eliminate this fear by offering a full line of advanced sedation dentistry options that will make each visit as comfortable and painless as possible.

Available to almost all patients, no matter the reason for their visit, Dr. Sands’ team of experienced anesthesiologists offer both nitrous oxide and intravenous sedation techniques. Both are highly effective methods for reducing patients’ anxiety, low tolerance for pain or sensitive gag reflexes.

Oral health has always been an important factor of one’s overall well-being and something that should not be abandoned. Individuals who have been avoiding their appointments can now rest assured that any trip to Dr. Sands is going to be both effortless and painless. Read more about Dr. Sands and his star-studded Rolodex on Haute MD.

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