Harley Pasternak’s Tips to Keep Your Fitness Resolution


The most common New Year’s resolution that people make, and subsequently break is to lose weight and become more physically fit. The majority of Americans are overweight, but still a solid 20% of those resolving to go to the gym more often give up by the time February rolls around, and 60% of those who join a gym in January never use the membership. Harley Pasternak, personal trainer and founder of the 5 Factor Diet, laid out five tips to stick to your fitness plan this time, and achieve those weight loss goals.

  1. Believe you will succeed: If you doubt your chances of success before you even start, you are visualizing yourself failing. This will make it easier for you to give up. If you believe you can achieve your goals, you are more likely to stick to them.
  2. Set a Schedule of Goals: Plan when you will exercise at the beginning of the week. Pasternak recommends scheduling in 25 minutes five days a week. If you have it blocked out before you make any other plans, you are less likely to run out of time for exercise due to overscheduling work, family, and social obligations. Set a time when you will shop for healthy food to eat throughout the week, and try to eat snacks and meals at consistent times.
  3. Ask for Help: Seek out friends with a similar fitness plan. If they lose weight, you have greater chances of doing it too. If your friends are not dedicated to exercise and eating right, try out an online forum, app, or exercise game to keep you on track. Technology can help remind you to work out, provide a routine, or give support from others.
  4. Eliminate Excuses: Make exercise and eating right easy. Keep healthy snacks prepared and close at hand so that when hunger strikes you are not tempted to reach for the fast option of opening a bag of chips. Join a fitness center that is conveniently located, or on your way home so you do not have to change your routine drastically to get there. Keep moving throughout the day, and stockpile quick recipes for days when your schedule is jam packed.
  5. Focus on Your Method, Not the Outcome: While we are all trained to set and then achieve goals, they can hurt forward progress when they seem too lofty or far away to be achieved. You can easily become discouraged if the goal seems out of reach or you cannot easily measure how close you are coming to it. Instead, zoom in on your hard work until this point, and the viability of the methods you will employ. If you know your workout routine is solid, and you are logging the hours you need to at the gym, remembering that may help you stave off disappointment if the scale does not immediately drop.

Source courtesy of People. Image courtesy of Mashable.

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