Ginger is the New Superfood


While most people know that flat ginger ale can settle an upset tummy, fewer make the connection that the active ingredient is the ginger itself. The multipurpose root has a host of other health benefits that have seen it popping up in designer cocktails, ice creams, and craft beers. First, ginger contains gingerols, which are anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce swelling. Eating a stir-fry with ginger before a hard workout can reduce muscle pain after exercise, or lessen the pain experienced from a sports injury, according to The Journal of Pain. The reduction in inflammation can also head off the production of free radicals that can create tumors and lead to cancer.

Ginger can also help alleviate nausea in expecting mothers, or for the average person who has had too many cocktails the night before, or is experiencing motion sickness from a long roadtrip. Candied ginger slices can make car trips more bearable, or slices of ginger in green tea can help minimize the effects of a hangover. Finally, in the midst of flu season, ginger can be your greatest ally.  It contains alkaloids and tannic acids that can minimize the duration of and the severity of symptoms experienced if you contract the flu because of their antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

Source courtesy of Self. Image courtesy of eHow.

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