French Actress Emmanuelle Beart Speaks out on Plastic Surgery


Several Hollywood stars have made the decision to go under the knife, and while many emerge rejuvenated and satisfied, others don’t see the results they were expecting. Emmanuelle Beart experienced the latter, and she’s spreading the word to create awareness.

After years of plastic surgery hearsay, the star recently confirmed that she was the victim of a botched lip enhancement procedure, and the devastating results of her actions have led her to come out against plastic surgery. “I had my mouth done when I was 27. It was a botched job,” Beart said.

She has stated that people should really think about the procedures and know that the results could be drastically different from what they are hoping for. She has also said that plastic surgeon candidates sometimes act out of desperation when they are no longer able to live with a certain part of their body and recommends they get help to fight the urge to have the surgery, or at the very least make a well-informed decision, knowing all the risks before proceeding.

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