Four Levels of Procedure Options for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Cosmetic Surgery Patients Can Explore Multiple Options

With advances in modern cosmetic medicine, patients have several options at their disposal to enhance their appearance.

Primarily, patients have four types of procedures available to discuss with their doctors.

The first type is surgical procedures. Through surgery, a doctor can reposition tissue or even repair damaged areas. Facelifts, breast augmentation and body contouring fall into this category.

Moderately invasive procedures offer less recovery time but they aren’t without risk and the results often are not permanent. Botox, fillers, cellulite treatments and non-surgical skin tightening fall into this category.

Minimally invasive procedures often involve some type of light therapy. Lasers can be used to remove spots on the skin or remove unwanted hair. Often these treatments are performed in a series over several visits to the doctor.

Non-invasive procedures are the types of things normally associated with a spa. Therapeutic treatments can be used to help tighten the skin or reduce blemishes, but the results are temporary.

When exploring your options, the most important thing to remember is to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who can give you the most informed opinion about what is right for you. Employers have a hard time finding skilled talent to fill critical jobs