“Formaldehyde-Free” Brazilian Blowouts Still Contain the Chemical


Last year, the Brazilian blowout hair treatment swept the nation with popularity for it’s unparalleled ability to straighten curly hair. Then it underwent an epic fall from grace, when it was found to contain formaldehyde, a dangerous chemical that can cause neurological disorders from repeated exposure. The hearts of curly haired girls broke around the nation when the FDA wrote a letter demanding that the company responsible for Brazilian blowouts stop producing the “formaldehyde-free” version of the product when it was found to still contain the compound. Three congressmen have recently reopened the case, to protect your favorite hairstylist, who is most at risk from constantly inhaling the fumes. Their goal is to prevent the parent company responsible for Brazilian Blowout, GIB LLC, from selling any existing product in addition to making new. While your hair may mourn its loss, salon employees all over the  country will rejoice for their health.

Source courtesy of NY Magazine, The Cut. Image courtesy of LiveStrong.

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