February Q&A With Dr. Chuck, MD PhD

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, MD PhD clears up our view of LASIK in this month’s exclusive interview.

How frequently do you perform the LASIK procedure?


Are you currently involved in the teaching/education of residents and credentialed surgeons?

Yes. I also serve as the Department Chairman for both Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center.

What is the expected down time before a patient can return to normal activity?

For LASIK, 2-3 days, for PRK, 1-2 weeks.

Can LASIK be repeated or reversed?

Yes, within certain anatomic restrictions that are specified to each patient. A thorough examination by an experienced LASIK team is important before proceeding with re-operation.

What is your most memorable success story?

1. Making quadriplegic patients spectacle-free, and really giving them freedom to see (think about it).

2. Making pilots, law officers and military personnel spectacle-free and eligible to carry out the life pursuits of their occupations.

3. A university professor I saw who had partial Amblyopia (developmental loss of vision in one eye due to crossed eyes as a child) who was a contact lens user but could not tolerate them nor glasses. He and I both understood that, although the likelihood of making him spectacle and contact lens-free was very high, we would never regain the vision that he lost as a child. Much to both our delight and surprise, he actually did gain back more of his vision than expected. Just goes to show you…

What are your three favorite places to eat?

1. Roy’s

2. Morimoto

3. Peter Lueger’s

4. The guilty pleasure…Cheesecake Factory :o) To grant access, head gps tracking with mobile number phonetrackingapps.com over to system preferences under