Father’s Day Brings Plastic Surgery Specials

Men Explore Father's Day Plastic Surgery

As the United States moves towards a more youth-centric culture, men are re-examining their appearances and taking more steps to fight the battle against aging.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgeons, 2011 saw 800,000 cosmetic procedures performed on men. That’s a 121-percent increase over just 15 years. Overall, the men’s grooming industry brings in $3.5 billion annually.

In New York, Dr. Stephen Greenberg has seen an uptick in his business around Father’s Day as men take a closer look in the mirror. “The weeks just prior to and following Father’s Day have historically been notably busy,” he said. “These days I’m seeing many more men for non-invasive med-spa treatments and injectable fillers because these procedures do not require any downtime or call attention to the fact that a procedure was done.”

Three of the top five cosmetic surgeries for males involve a facial procedure: rhinoplasty, cosmetic eye surgery and full facelifts.

While some people might think that male plastic surgery is confined to celebrities, Dr. Greenberg points out many of his patients are the average man “who wants to look as good as he feels.”

Source: redorbit.com


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