Enjoy a Whiter Smile in 2012 with Dr. Kevin B. Sands

Enjoy a Whiter Smile in 2012 with Dr. Kevin B. Sands

, a member of the prestigious , knows that teeth become discolored for different reasons. Whether it’s the result of an unhealthy diet, smoking or teeth grinding, he’s ready to restore your pearly smile in preparation for a happy new year.

Introducing Zoom whitening, a single-session procedure performed at Dr. Sands’ office. In just one hour, Dr. Sands covers gums for protection, applies peroxide whitening gel to surface of teeth and activates the gel with a special light. Repeated 3 times in 15-minute intervals, the method whitens teeth significantly.

Some patients with particularly discolored teeth opt for a second visit to achieve the shade of white they desire.

Upgrade your smile with Dr. Sands. The man behind many celebrity smiles, Dr. Sands offers many other cosmetic procedures in his Beverly Hills office, including veneers to make teeth smooth and even.

Call (310) 273-0111 or visit for more information about Dr. Sands.

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