Follow the Beat: Drumming Workouts Increase in Popularity


In the never ending quest to make exercise more fun and less work, new fitness fads periodically spring up around the nation. Recently Barre workouts and Zumba have brought dance into the fitness scene, and now Pound brings the closely linked musical skill to the gymnasium. The new workout, created by Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Peerenboom, combines cardio intervals, conditioning movement, and playing music—more specifically, drumming. According to Reuters, the two Californians came up with the classes to distract exercisers from the difficulty of the Pilates inspired moves with the fun of drumming on the floors, ceilings, and exercise balls. Pound workouts are featured on Potenza and Peerenboom’s website, and feature a well-rounded workout around 45 minutes in length split between warm-up, 40% standing, 40% seated, 10% laying workouts incorporating cardio and abdominal exercises. The duo hopes to release a Pound DVD next year.

Also coming onto the drums-as-fitness radar is Drums Alive, founded by dancer and aerobics instructor Carrie Ekins, a workout that marries aerobic dance and drumming. This workout sprung out of Ekin’s own rehabilitation program after a hip injury, and can by modified for people who can’t train while standing, have an injury, or for audiences as old as senior citizens and as young as kindergarteners. Tweaks in music, and cardio level can customize the class to people of all age groups and all fitness levels with the unifying thread of fun pounding the drumsticks. Reuters reported that workouts combining cardio movements (intervals or dance) with drumming are estimated to burn around 400 calories in a session, and physiologists agree that drumming as physical exercise may just be a (drum) stroke of genius for the musically inclined.


Source courtesy Reuters.