‘Dragon’s Blood’ is Hollywood’s Latest Beauty Weapon. Guess Which Star is a Fan.


Bee venom and Snake serum may have been 2011’s ground-breaking beauty products, but this year it’s all about the “Dragon’s Blood.”

Nicknamed the ‘Liquid Facelift‘, dragon’s blood works by adding essential volume to worn out skin. It pledges to plump, lift and sculpt the complexion as it resourcefully protects against aging. The gel, which reduces skin sagging while boosting elasticity, is actually made from the red sap of the Sangre de Grado tree.

Lady Gaga has allegedly been using the cream to prepare for the Golden Globes and is said to be the latest fan of this curious beauty product. Fillers have always been used as a solution to sagging skin, but this intense procedure led to a frequent problem known as “pillow face” where the cheeks look puffed up. This effect makes eyes look smaller and can even force the eye to close.

Dragon’s Blood is a biological alternative to the tremendously popular Restylane injections. Rodial skincare company’s dragon’s blood gel alleviates the need for cosmetic work as it rounds out facial hollows and sunken skin around and under the eyes, as well adding volume and contouring of the chin, nose and forehead. During independent trails, 92% of users saw an increase in skin elasticity over a three-month period and 72% experienced a reduction in sagging skin.