Dr. Sam Assassa and The CosmoFaceLift™ are helping the extreme makeover become less extreme

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The latest advancement in facial lifting allows Dr. Sam Assassa of Beverly Hills Aesthetics to help patients look younger without surgery.

Fighting aging with new technology – that’s today’s hottest trend. More and more people are turning away from actual surgery and moving towards in-office procedures. CosmoFaceLift™ is the latest non-surgical advance in facial lifting and skin tightening, introduced in Los Angeles by Beverly Hills Aesthetics’ Dr. Sam Assassa.

The revolutionary procedure safely erases years from the face and neck in just one hour. The High Definition Fractional CO2 Laser hand piece acts as a wand to erase wrinkles and undesired skin cells, replacing them with fresh cells. Results are thought to last 8 to 10 years.

“This offers patients a facelift without the pain or risk of surgery,” said Dr. Assassa. “No scalpels, no stitches, no general anesthesia, only long lasting results. It’s much less invasive, causes less swelling and bruising and drastically cuts down on recovery time. CosmofaceLift™ is perfect for a person who does not want invasive surgery, but does want to look younger. It smooths and tightens drooping brows, necks, cheeks or jowls.”

For more information on the CosmofaceLift™, call (888) 349-2069 to arrange a complimentary consult with Dr. Sam Assassa.

About Beverly Hills Aesthetics:

Beverly Hills Aesthetics provides the latest in non-surgical aesthetic services, including the non surgical face lift, to help clients effectively maintain youth and vitality with minimal downtime.


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