Dr. Jason B. Diamond, M.D., F.A.C.S. offers Ribbon Lift Procedure


For those who want to have a tighter appearing neck and jaw line, a new ribbon lift procedure performed by Haute MD may be exactly what the doctor ordered. A sculpted-appearing neck and jaw is desired by both men and women, and can do a significant amount to improve general looks and raise self-esteem.

The procedure, which doesn’t require excess skin like facelifts do, is an ideal way for clients to get the look that they desire. Ribbon endotines are manufactured by the same business that creates brow and cheek endotines for brow and cheek lifts. Brow and cheek lifts have been performed for at least four years with stellar results for the majority of patients. While liposuction can be used to give definition to the neck and jaw, this only works if there is excess fat to sculpt.

Ribbon Lift procedures do not depend on the presence of fat to work well. Even when unfavorable anatomy, such as a pronounced windpipe or excess muscles in the throat get in the way, ribbon lift technology can help shape the neck and jaw, overcoming a difficulty that has thwarted cosmetic surgeons for years. Teach like a champion techniques and strategies write an essay https://essaysreasy.online/ have really made a huge impact on my classroom