Put a Lid on It: The Importance of Helmets on the Slopes


Having just come back from skiing in Aspen I was really pleased to see the increased number of skiers and snowboarders routinely wearing helmets while on the slopes. Trends show that, “helmet usage has increased 171% over the past decade,” according to the National Ski Areas Association. Nationally helmet usage for skiers and snowboarders is 67% at Aspen 83.7%. Not surprisingly, the lowest usage according to NSAA is 18-24 year olds 52%.

Most ski schools require helmet usage for kids taking lessons and the parents follow suit to set a good example. Some ski areas require instructors, patrolmen, and employees working on the hill to wear helmets.

While helmets may not prevent all serious head injuries especially in high speed crashes or collisions, they will help and are especially effective in low speed falls. A helmet may have prevented the fatal head injury to actress Natasha Richardson last year who fell on a beginner area. So, be safe, and put a lid on it.

For more information from Dr. Gary Brazina, click here.