Reservatrol in Wine and Grapes Can Prevent Hearing Loss


While the heart and antioxidant benefits of the reservatrol found in red wine and grapes are well know, their lesser known benefit is now documented. A recent study published in the journal Otolarnygology-Head and Neck Surgery, found that in rats the compound can protect against noise-induced hearing loss. The rats were given doses of the compound, and then shown to experience reduced hearing loss when exposed to noise possibly by suppressing the production of COX-2 protein and increased reactive oxygen species production.

Researchers suspect that the COX-2 protein, which moderates the body’s inflammation, and reactive oxygen, which moderates cell signaling are responsible for limiting the damage to hearing created by noise. However, more research is required to determine if the effect extends to human subjects. Since the other health benefits of reservatrol including reduction of bad cholesterol in the body, increasing mobility in senior citizens, and creating protection around the body’s blood vessels, scientists are hopeful that this new potential health aid.

Source courtesy of The Huffington Post. Image courtesy of The Daily Post India.

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