Dr. Donald Wood-Smith Discusses Client Expectations and Questions

dr. donald wood-smith

What are the most important questions clients should ask themselves before contacting you?

The single most important question clients should ask themselves is “why do I really want to undergo a surgical procedure to either improve or change my appearance?” The answer to this may be as simple as a overly large nose, weak receding chin, sagging face skin or more complicated problems such as interpersonal relationships or a premature aging appearance that the patient perceives as a barrier to work the situation advancement. In order to achieve a successful result, the plastic surgeon must fully explore such problems.

What should your clients expect if they come to you for a consultation?

A new patient may expect an unhurried and complete consultation with their desires for aesthetic correction fully explored. After complete examination of the region, they will be placed in front of a three dimensional mirror with the relevant areas shown and discussed together with corrective plans. A photographic survey will be taken which I will study ever the next few days and send back to the patients hard copy photographs of the preoperative status together with relevant computer altered studies to show the possible end results. No surgeries are undertaken without this essential step to allow the patients to see “before surgery how they will look after surgery.” A second consultation either personal or telephonic is utilized to confirm or discuss possible changes.

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