Dr. Dmitri Alden Talks Medical Advances and Greatest Successes

dr dmitri alden

How do you keep your practice up to date with a constantly changing medical world?

I am constantly involved in several clinical research projects, clinical trials and often present my work at national and international medical conferences. I am extremely fortunate to be a member of Committee of Surgical Innovation (CSI) of the Americas Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association (AHPBA), the leading organization in the field of liver and pancreatic surgery. This work allows me to interact with the world’s best experts in the field, exchange ideas and visit their sites. In addition, I learn and share new techniques and evaluate and participate in the development of new products and medical devices.

What do you see as your practice’s greatest success in 2012? How will you push past this in the coming year?

Our greatest success is the advancement in the techniques of minimally invasive robotic and pancreatic surgery. These medical advances quickly transitioned from experimental treatment to a routine approach offered to many of our patients. This technique is more precise and allows short hospital stay and faster recovery. Soon, we will be able to offer a minimally invasive approach to more patients. Also, this year we started to implement highly advanced surgical techniques that allow extremely fast liver regeneration and growth. I am looking to implement in my practice the latest new devices and instruments for use with the robotic system once they gain full approval and certification.

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