Doctor Invents Revolutionary “FaceTime Facelift”


Don’t like the way you look when you’re chatting on FaceTime? A Virginia plastic surgeon knows, and he’s revolutionizing the way our culture video chats. Dr. Robert K. Sigal created the “FaceTime Facelift,” a medical procedure that aims to enhance the way you look while using the FaceTime app on the iPhone.

Normally, the surgical incision for a neck-lift goes under the chin. For FaceTime users, if you’re pointing the iPhone up at yourself, the scar from the incision would be blatantly visible. The FaceTime Facelift moves the incision point to under the ears, making it invisible to your FaceTime counterpart.

Could this be the new phenomenon in the cosmetic surgery world?

Image: Gigaom He/she gets a little anxious when forgets a phone at home for a day or happens to get stuck somewhere without wifi, but the tension isn’t too bothering