DIY Laser Hair Removal?


While laser hair removal is a relatively gentle outpatient procedure, some people are taking it into their own hands.

Laser hair removal uses a low energy laser beam to disable hair follicles deep in the skin. Each year, millions of people (in the US alone) opt to remove bothersome hair with this technique. Subsequently, many companies have introduced their own at-home versions of this technology, allowing those interested in laser hair removal to perform it themselves.

The result? Some have had decent experiences with these products, but the majority experiences a higher level of pain with minimal results. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery maintains that it’s safer and more efficient to undergo laser hair removal with a licensed, board-certified cosmetic surgeon, since in-office lasers show better results than the at-home variety. Err on the safe side to eliminate dangerous and painful risks.

SOURCE: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery



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