Disappearing Act: Scar Removal is Trending

no scar

In a growing trend, men and women are opting to have scars treated and removed. Some hospitals have even gone to having plastic surgeons on call to help prevent scars from occurring when stitches are used to treat injuries.

Removing a scar is dependent on the type of scar. White line scars, which are common among plastic surgery patients, can be treated by professionals specialized in micropigmentation. Micropigmentation is something like permanent makeup, coloring the scarred tissue to match skin tones. This can be done on older and newer scars.

For types of acne scars, professionals can use lasers, fillers, or a combination of the two to remove or limit the appearance of scars.

Using moisturizers and cool compresses can help prevent scars from developing as it allows skin cells to regenerate quickly. By preventing the development of scabs, scars can be reduced. Large cuts that can be stitched should be. Stitches removed at the appropriate time, typically four days after insertion, can prevent the appearance of scars.


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