Did Cameron Diaz Go Under the Knife?

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There were widespread rumors last year that her now ex-beau Alex Rodriguez wanted Cameron Diaz to get breast implants. Now it seems she’s taken the leap on her own terms as a single girl.

39-year-old Diaz hit the beach in Hawaii and it wasn’t a new man on her arm that caught everyone’s attention, it was her startling feminine figure.

The Charlie’s Angels star, who has always been considered a flat-chested woman, had some unexpected overflow in her bikini top as she sunned along the Pacific coast.

One California plastic surgeon expects that she went under the knife to boost her bust, as her new figure is obviously more than just weight gain from holiday treats.

Diaz is certainly not the first A-lister to move up in size and will not be the last. Getting implants at age 39 is not that bizarre; many women opt for implants in their late 30s and 40s, desiring a curvier, sexier shape.

British Vogue revealed the actress‘ comment, “I’ll never say never to anything,” when asked if she would ever consider plastic surgery.