Demand for Cosmetic Surgery Multiplied During the 2011 Holiday Season


If you got back to work after the holidays and noticed your co-workers looking surprisingly chipper, it might be more than just the vacation time that perked them up. According to many doctors across the US, the demand for cosmetic surgery rose significantly during the 2011 holiday season, making it the busiest time of the year for many.

Regardless of the still-slow economy and pricey time of year, many people opted for cosmetic procedures like rhinoplasty (a nose job) or facelifts during December. For those with vacation time during the holidays, it makes sense. They have time to recuperate and have scars heal and scab before going out in public. Insurance is also a factor; by December, patients will have probably met their deductible limit.

It looks like this year there were less gifts under the tree and a lot more in the operating room.



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