December Q & A With LASIK Doctor James Salz

Dr. James Salz
  • What is the most popular procedure for your patients at this time of year?
It is still all Laser LASIK as it applies to almost all patients wearing glasses and is the safest procedures performed on the eyes.
  • What is the most innovative breakthrough for Lasik surgery coming out in 2012?
Not really much new in LASIK but the femtosecond laser for creating the LASIK flap has been applied to critical potions of cataract surgery to make that surgery even better. I did my first 3 cases last week and the results are impressive.
  • What are your plans for New Years?
New Years Eve celebration and for 2012 spend even more time with my Grandchildren and still work in 3 ski trips to Park City, Vail and Mammoth.
  • What is coming ahead for your practice in 2012?
Increased use of the femtosecond laser for cataract surgery and hopfully consult with more Haute.Living readers about reducing their need for glasses!
  • What is your health tip for 2012?
Eat more fish to reduce not only risk of heart disease but possibly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s!

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