DC Miss America Contestant Will Have Double Mastectomy

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Allyn Rose, a 24-year old contestant in this year’s Miss USA pageant, plans to undergo a double mastectomy after learning she is a carrier of a rare chromosomal change that increases her risk of contracting breast cancer by almost 75%. While it is a drastic measure, Rose’s mother died of breast cancer along with a number of other women in her family. She wants to prevent meeting the same fate as her mother, who passed away when Rose was only 16 years old after beating cancer once partially because of a mastectomy, and then experiencing a recurrence in her remaining breast. She refuses to let the fear of losing a piece of her femininity result in being diagnosed with cancer.

Rose idolizes survivors including Giuliana Rancic and Robin Roberts. The bubbly young woman loves roller skating, works as a paralegal, and models. She will not let fear of breast cancer stop her from living the life she wants, and plans to compete this year, before the surgery, in one of the world’s most well-known swim suit competitions to prove it.

Source courtesy of Business Insider. Image courtesy of Jezebel.

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