Cut Back on Booze in 2013


After a holiday season spent toasting with  flutes of champagne and noshing on cookies with spiked eggnog, many resolve to take a break from indulging in alcoholic beverages at the start of the new year. While some may go cold turkey, total abstinence, or even cutting back can be difficult when your body and your social life have become accustomed to unwinding with a glass of red wine. Fit Sugar offers some tips to decrease your alcohol intake, and in turn, to reap all of the benefits of less drinking. Your waistline and your non-hungover brain will thank you.

First, be realistic about how much alcohol you are consuming, and keep track of how much alcohol you actually drink in a one-week time period. Many drink more than they intend to, simply because they do not realize the true amount they have consumed. Take a look at what 100 calories actually look like in an alcoholic beverage, and keep track of every bit of booze you take in, whether it is a glass of wine with dinner, or pre-dance party shots. Use a non-alcoholic beverage, or a mocktail, to feel like you fit in when you are in a drinking situation. You can order a club soda with fruit juice and a lemon or lime wedge to hold, and sip on when you’re at a bar or party. Your friends won’t pressure you to have a drink, since you’ll be the only one who knows it is non-alcoholic. If your plan is to decrease, rather than totally cut out alcohol intake, use a method to slow down your consumption. You can have a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink, or set an alarm on your phone for 45 minutes. Do not head up to the bar until it has gone off, and you’ve evaluated how well that first drink settled in your system.

Source courtesy of Fit Sugar. Image courtesy of 12wbt.

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