Could Freezing Temperatures Offer Alternative to Botox?

Freezing Temperatures May Offer Alternative to Botox

A San Francisco company is working on a process that would freeze nerves to disable them, providing the same effect as Botox.

Myoscience says that by using a super-cooled refrigerant, the nerves can be put into hibernation. By using temperature, researchers say they can avoid injecting the Botulinum toxin into the body. Using freezing allows the nerves to be neutralized for between two and four months, giving it the same amount of time between treatments that Botox offers.

While the process has not been approved in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration, it is already finding success in Canada and Europe as a pain and wrinkle treatment.

The company expects that if the treatment gets approval from the FDA, it could be attractive for people seeking more natural treatments.

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Source: ABC News