Cosmetic Surgery by the Season

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It is simply better to undergo certain cosmetic operations at certain times of the year. Planning this way ensures you have a suitable period for safe healing and time for swelling and scars to fade. Preparing ahead also allows you to make certain supplementary changes in things like hair color and makeup to change your look just enough to throw inquisitive friends off your scent. If you plan to diet first, it is helpful to plan the surgery at the right time after weight loss to maximize results. Follow the cosmetic surgery calendar to optimize the results of your cosmetic procedures.

Recommended seasonal breakdowns:

Winter (mid-December through March) is a great time to take advantage of think cold-weather clothing that conceals the results of body contouring and breast surgeries. Facelifts and procedures that require a patient to stay away from direct sunlight and surgeries that require a longer recuperation time are ideal during this time too, especially because you can take advantage of the long holiday breaks from work.

Spring (April through June) offers a few of the same benefits as winter, as well as a good back-up plan in case your New Year’s resolution didn’t quite turn out how you expected. Body contouring is also ideal during this season for a quick pick-me-up before bathing suit season hits. Plus, kids are still in school at this time, making the recovery atmosphere a little calmer.

Summer (July through August) is when you should pay especially close attention to what your surgeon tells you if you are planning a fix-up. It is important that any patient that undergoes a facial procedure stay out of the sun for at least six weeks.

Only minor procedures like Botox and fillers are recommended during these hot months.

Fall (September through early December) is the time to begin preparing for the upcoming holiday season, and you should be in ideal shape after summer for maximizing body-contouring procedures. Sun exposure will also decrease, opening the door back up for facial surgeries with a few holiday breaks for extended recoveries.

Image: Haute MD Dr. Aazizzadeh

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