CoolSculpting Offers Non-Invasive Way to Remove Fat

CoolSculpting Allows Doctors to Freeze Fat Away

For many patients considering cosmetic surgery to remove fat, the prospect of going under the knife can be daunting.

Now the FDA has approved a new procedure called CoolSculpting that can help remove fat and reshape the body in complete comfort and without an incision.

Harvard scientists developed CoolSculpting as an alternative to liposuction or sonic treatments that may damage other tissues. Treatments involve super-cooling fat cells under the skin which allows them to naturally be expelled from the body.

Doctors say the treatments take about an hour and patients can see results in just one visit. The entire process is completed over several weeks.

The advantage for patients is that immediately following the treatment they can go back to their routine. There is no recovery time.

Once the cells are crystallized, the body will slowly shed the fat and doctors can even schedule additional procedures to create even more noticeable results.

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