Contact Lens Hygiene Is Very Important For Eye Safety


Around 40 million Americans wear contacts lenses daily, and most of these people believe they are taking proper hygienic care of their contacts. However, a recent study by Danille Roberston, vision scientist the University of Texas, shows otherwise. A stifling 99% of the survey respondents were doing something wrong when dealing with their lenses.

NPR’s Patti Neighmond states that cleaning and storing of contact lenses is not complicated, but it does require important steps which many patients fail to do.

Steps for proper contact lens hygiene:

1) Always wash your hands before handling your contact lenses.

2) Place your contact lenses in a completely sterile lens case when they are not being used. Empty the used solution and clean the case and then let it air dry. Refill it with new solution. Do NOT top off the solution by simply adding new sterile solution to the old used one because bacteria buildup may occur, which is very difficult to remove and is quite dangerous for your eyes.

3) Change your contact lens case regularly. Studies have shown that after nine months up to 90% of contact lens cases have bacterial contamination. It is recommended that you change your case every month to reduce eye irritations, allergic reactions and infections.

4) Always use a sterile cleaning solution. Never use fruit juice, butter, or beer–like many survey respondents admitted to doing.

5) Do not sleep with your contact lenses on. If you sleep with your contacts on, the risk of getting a corneal ulcer increases from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 1,000.

6) Avoid using contact lenses while in lakes, oceans, swimming pools, hot tubs, or hot tap water, as these are places for potentially dangerous organisms such as amoebas to be present. Ameobas bind to your lenses and ultimately feed off the bacteria in your lens case. They can put you at risk for an infection so severe it may cause visual/permanent damage.

ophthalmologist , with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, added, “You wash your hands for sure and you remove each contact and put it in the reservoir, and then you leave them overnight. And then in the morning you take them out, with clean hands again. And you wash your hands, take the contact and put it in your eye.”

If you follow these simple steps, your chances of getting an eye infection will decrease dramatically. Mspy will be updated so that less battery life will be consumed by the app