Collagen-based Skincare Line Now Available in the US


Collagen maintains skin strength, moisture and elasticity, the three elements that keep skin looking young and healthy. Now, anyone in the US desiring a double dose of this natural protein has access to it.

Collagen Essentials, a European company, has acquired the rights to sell their line of skin products within the United States. The biologically-active collagen used in the formula helps to reverse the aging process and offers customers the ability to revitalize the look and feel of their skin.

Research at Europe’s University of Gdansk is responsible for the product’s effectiveness and success, as is the discovery that the collagen produced by fish is nearly identical to human collagen from a DNA perspective. Thus, researchers were able to apply the active collagens from fish into a formula that is compatible with human skin. The secret processing method allows the collagen to retain its structure, something that has prevented dermatologists from being able to include collagen in skincare products in the past.

Photo credit: Collagen Essentials

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