Coca Cola Launches Advertisement Addressing Obesity


While New York City makes preparations to put the ban on sugary drinks sold in venues from sports arenas, movie theaters and restaurants into effect, Coca Cola has taken a counter move. The company launched the first television advertisement campaign addressing obesity, and promoting its low calorie beverage options. It reminds viewers that all food and many beverage products contain calories, while highlighting the low and no calorie options Coca Cola produces.

Recently there has been a lot of negative attention on the soft drink industry as linked to obesity. Coca Cola wants to highlight the fact that they have began to create portion controlled sodas, and to research even better low calorie sweeteners. They have taken the additional step in increasing availability of low-calorie soft drink options in school. The advertisement campaign reminds viewers that activity must match calories consumed to maintain weight. A second ad will follow showing viewers ways they can burn off “happy calories” consumed in soda. Public opinion is that this is a defensive move by Coca Cola to revive its public image, since soda consumption has been declining since 1998.

Source courtesy of BBC. Image courtesy of Fooducate.

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