New Cosmetic Procedure Makes Hands Look Younger

New treatments available for aging hands.

While injectibles and laser treatments have been in use for years to fight the battle against aging, doctors are now understanding how effective those treatments can be on the hands. The hands can often be a telltale sign of aging as they lose volume and […]

Dr. Jhonny Salomon Talks New Technologies and CoolSculpting

dr. jhonny salomon

Tell us about the CoolSculpting procedure you recently added to your practice. What are its benefits? We’re very excited to introduce CoolSculpting to our practice. It’s the newest, most advanced, non-invasive procedure developed to eliminate stubborn fat from areas that are not responsive to traditional […]

Dr. Jhonny Salomon Talks Facelifts and Rhinoplasty

dr. jhonny salomon

The facelift is a popular option for those seeking younger-looking skin. Tell us about the unique elements of your facelift procedure that set you apart from competitors and the exclusive experience you create for your clients. The facelift procedure is very unique, as it allows […]

Nu U Miami Launch Party

nu u

Nu U Laser Lipo Center is opening its Miami branch, and you’re invited to help celebrate their launch! “We’ve expanded to the sunshine capital, Miami. And we’re settled right in the middle of it all in Brickell Key. The area has come to the forefront […]