New Cosmetic Procedure Makes Hands Look Younger

New treatments available for aging hands.

While injectibles and laser treatments have been in use for years to fight the battle against aging, doctors are now understanding how effective those treatments can be on the hands. The hands can often be a telltale sign of aging as they lose volume and […]

Google Reveals Link Between Mental Health Disorders and Seasons

mental health disorders

Google Trends has revealed some interesting information about mental health disorders that may be of interest to the general public. While one study is by no means conclusive, a group at San Diego State University compiled user search listings and revealed that the highest percentage […]

Dr. Gloria Ospina Talks Top Objectives and Motivators

dr. gloria ospina

When first starting your practice, what was your top objective? How does that objective live on today? My top priority is and always has been patient comfort. Many patients have expressed that before coming to , they postponed treatment due to anxiety. I want you […]