Chin Implant Procedure Hits All-Time High


Cosmetic surgery patients in the United States are taking to chin implants to improve their appearances. The number of patients opting for this form of surgery has soared in the past year, making it the fastest growing trend among both men and women. This plastic surgery procedure is particularly popular with those over the age of 40.

In 2011 alone, 10,593 men had the procedure done while just over 10,000 women did. Combined, this represents a 71% increase from 2010.

It is believed that people prefer jaw and chin surgeries because a well-structured chin significantly improves self-esteem and general appearances. Chin implants are even more popular than lip augmentations. Chin implants have similar benefits to facelift and eyelift surgeries. In comparison, cheek implants rose 47% while traditional facelifts only rose 5% in the last year.

Source: Fox News

Photo credit: Getty Images

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